Compliance Reporting Services


Supporting clients in positive change

No matter the circumstances, we treat everyone with respect and dignity.  Our location and hours were carefully chosen with your success in mind.

Our consistent record of delivering dependable results instills confidence and trust.  We use technologies that allow us to respond quickly and provide the most timely and accurate data to enable effective and adaptive treatment.

Prompt, Accurate Communication

Upon receipt of a referral, we set up the client with a one-time UA or enrollment for random UA administration on a prescribed basis.  We proactively notify clients to submit samples and conduct tests on a truly random schedule with multiple protocols to prevent and detect tampering.

Our UA tests check for a broad spectrum of substances.  Most lab results are available in 2-3 business days, and positive results can be resubmitted for verification.

Convenient Hours and Accessible Location

We don't believe it is constructive when clients have to put their jobs at risk to comply with requirements.  We prefer to strengthen our community and support effective treatment by offering convenient hours, so clients can come in before work, at lunch, or after work to complete their UA's without additional negative impact or undue stress. 

Unable to drive, or just prefer not to?  Our office is one block off the MAX and right on the Portland Streetcar line.  For clients who live and/or work near downtown Portland, it could not be much easier.

We are located at:

511 SW 10th Ave., Suite 904
Portland, OR  97205

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We're dedicated to supporting positive life changes for every client. We can help you demonstrate compliance and regain control of your life.

Respectful and Responsive Staff

Multiple Payment Options Available

We can help with a wide range of legal and family situations.

Demonstrate sobriety and protect your career and family.

Want to research a bit before you call?

We're confident you will find us the most attractive and convenient option.

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